al nssr fc schedule


Al Nassr, a Saudi Pro League football team, has become the talk of the town after signing Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese forward joined the Asian side after leaving Manchester United before to the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. 

Al Nassr, founded in 1955, is one of the most successful clubs in Saudi football history. They have won 20 main domestic titles, including nine league titles, trailing only Al Hilal. (won the league 18 times).

Al Nassr has also won the King’s Cup six times, Saudi Arabia’s domestic cup tournament. 

Rudi Garcia, a former Olympique Lyonnais boss, was named the club’s head coach earlier this year. Since the Spaniard took over, the team has only lost one match and has acquired some important names in European club football, including Luis Gustavo, David Ospina, Vincent Aboubakar, and Talisca, in the last two seasons. 

Aside from the league, Al Nassr is also vying for two other domestic championships. They are heavy favourite to win the Saudi Pro League, the Saudi Super Cup, and the King’s Cup this season. 

Al Nassr Club Info: 

Coach                      Rudi Garcia

Average Age            25.9

Current Transfer Record        574.0k€

Stadium                                    King Fahd International Stadium

Capacity                                    25000

City                                           Riyadh, Saudi Arabia   

Al Nassr Schedule & SQUAD

1GK Amin Bukhari
2DF Sultan Al-Ghannam
4DF Mohammed Al-Fatil
5DF Abdulelah Al-Amri
7FW Cristiano Ronaldo
8MF A. Al-Sulaiheem
10MF Pity Martínez
11MF Khalid Al-Ghannam
12DF Nawaf Boushal
13DF Ghislain Konan
14MF Sami Al-Najei
16FW Mohammed Maran
17MF Abdullah Al-Khaibari
18MF Luiz Gustavo
19MF Ali Al-Hassan
20DF Hamad Al Mansour
21DF Álvaro González
23MF Ayman Yahya
25GK David Ospina
27DF Majed Qasheesh
29MF Abdulrahman Ghareeb
30FW Meshari Al-Nemer
31GK Abdulaziz Al-Owairedhi
33GK Waleed Abdullah
44GK Nawaf Al-Aqidi
46MF Abdulaziz Al-Alawi
55DF Abdulaziz Al-Faraj
59DF Yousef Haqawi
77MF Jaloliddin Masharipov
78DF Ali Lajami
94FW Talisca

Here is Al Nassr’s Complete Schedule for 2022-23. 

15/01/22SALAl Nassr4 – 0Al Faisaly
21/01/22SALAl Taawon0 – 1Al Nassr
06/02/22SALAl Nassr4 – 1Al Tai
11/02/22SALAl Ittihad3 – 0Al Nassr
17/02/22SALAl Batin3 – 4Al Nassr
21/02/22KICAl Nassr1 – 2Al Hilal
26/02/22SALAl Nassr2 – 1Abha
03/03/22SALAl Nassr0 – 4Al Hilal
11/03/22SALAl Ittifaq2 – 2Al Nassr
17/03/22SALAl Nassr1 – 0Al Feiha
06/05/22SALAl Nassr4 – 2Al Shabab
21/05/22SALAl Raed0 – 3Al Nassr
28/05/22SALAl Nassr1 – 1Al Ahli
23/06/22SALAl Hazm1 – 4Al Nassr
27/06/22SALAl Nassr2 – 1Al Fateh
22/07/22CLFDnipro-10 – 0Al Nassr
27/08/22SALAl Nassr1 – 0Al Wehda
03/09/22SALAl Taawon1 – 0Al Nassr
10/09/22SALAl Nassr2 – 1Damak
15/09/22SALAl Batin0 – 4Al Nassr
02/10/22SALAl Nassr0 – 0Al Ittihad
07/10/22SALAbha0 – 3Al Nassr
11/10/22SALAl Nassr4 – 1Al Adalah
16/10/22SALAl Nassr4 – 0Al Feiha
16/12/22SALAl Raed1 – 4Al Nassr
21/12/22KICAl Nassr2 – 0Al Adalah
26/12/22SALAl Nassr2 – 2Al Hilal
31/12/22SALAl Khaleej0 – 1Al Nassr
06/01/23SALAl Nassr2 – 0Al Tai
14/01/23SALAl Shabab0 – 0Al Nassr
22/01/23SALAl Nassr1 – 0Al Ittifaq
26/01/23SUCAl Ittihad3 – 1Al Nassr
03/02/23SALAl Fateh2 – 2Al Nassr
09/02/23SALAl Wehda0 – 4Al Nassr
17/02/23SALAl Nassr2 – 1Al Taawon
25/02/23SALDamak0 – 3Al Nassr
03/03/23SALAl Nassr3 – 1Al Batin
09/03/23SALAl Ittihad1 – 0Al Nassr
14/03/23KICAl Nassr3 – 1Abha
18/03/23SALAl Nassr2 – 1Abha
05/04/23SALAl Adalah00 : 30Al Nassr
10/04/23SALAl Feiha00 : 30Al Nassr
19/04/23SALAl Hilal00 : 30Al Nassr
24/04/23KICAl Nassr23 : 30Al Wehda
29/04/23SALAl Nassr00 : 00Al Raed
08/05/23SALAl Nassr21 : 30Al Khaleej
17/05/23SALAl Tai00 : 00Al Nassr
24/05/23SALAl Nassr00 : 00Al Shabab
27/05/23SALAl Ittifaq23 : 30Al Nassr
31/05/23SALAl Nassr23 : 30Al Fateh


Saudi Pro League Standings 2022-23

1AL Ittihad2115514073350
2AL Nassr21154244123249
3AL Shabab21135343202344
4Al Hilal19116237172039
5AL Taawoun2110562926335
6AL Fateh2110293530532
8AL Tai2182112932-326
9AL Raed2174102733-625
10AL Fayha FC206682531-624
11AL Ettifaq2165101826-823
13AL Wehda215791829-1122
14AL Khaleej Saihat2052131531-1617
15AL Adalh2145121739-2217
16AL Batin2123161448-349