Burning Shores Trophy Roadmap


If you’re a serious trophy hunter of trophy or just looking to learn more about what the Burning Shores DLC has to offer, you’ve arrived at the right spot. Below is a listing of every trophy you’ll be able to finish during Aloy’s adventure throughout The Burning Shores.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Trophy Guide! Aloy returns, heading towards the Southern Burning Shores region after learning about a possible Far Zenith threat. To play with the DLC you must have completed the story of your main game. If you began the game as a New Game+ playthrough you have to finish the story. It is also necessary to have bought this DLC as well as downloaded the most current patch to make it playable. The title screen will display an image of the Burning Shores logo. After loading your story save, you’ll be notified informing you that Burning Shores DLC has been installed. You will also be able to play the new main quest “To The Burning Shores”. To be able to complete it 100% the quest, you must complete everything that the DLC provides. This includes every main story, other quests, and also scanning the four new machines, locating every collectible and unlocking all 18 new skills.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Trophy Roadmap

  • The estimated difficulty of a trophy 2/10 (everything can be accomplished in the difficulty of the story)
  • The approximate amount of time to complete 10 hours
  • Offline Trophies 18 (0 1, 3 14, 14)
  • Web Trophies The number of awards is 0
  • The number of trophies that are not missable The number of missable trophies is 0
  • Glitched trophy 1- Retrieved All aerial captures can be a problem for certain players but it’s still available. It is suggested to collect in the exact order as by the guide and to save an automatic save prior to collecting any.
  • Do trophies suffer from difficulty?: No, anything can be done based with the Story difficulty
  • Minimal Playthroughs 1.
  • PS4/PS5 Autopop and Save Transfer The DLC will available only on PS5
  • PlayStation 4/PS5 Crossbuy The DLC will only be available for PS5
  • Free-Roam / Level Select after Story? Yes, you are able to still use the free-roam feature in the aftermath of your story.
  • Can Manual Saves be used? Yes 5 Manual Saves 1 Quick Save 10 Autosave Slots in the last few checkpoints which automatically overwrite
  • The Release Date is 19 April 2023

Newest chapter in Aloy’s adventure comes with total of 18 awards, which include:

  • 1 Gold Trophy
  • 3 Silver Trophies
  • 14 Bronze Trophies

Each Trophy from the DLC Burning Shores

  • All Quests Completed

Trophy: Gold

Objective: Completed all main and side quests in the Burning Shores (hidden trophy).

Main Quests:

To The Burning Shores

Heaven and Earth

Door Code – 3285

The Stars in Their Eyes

For His Amusement

His Final Act


Side Quests:

The Splinter Within – Fleet’s End

In His Wake – Fleet’s End

A Friend in the Dark

Must complete Murmuring Hollow Relic Ruins

Murmuring Hollow Relic Ruins code – 1315

A Friend in the Dark code – 117 & 1247

  • Discovered the Ascension

Trophy: Bronze

Objective: Located the missing Quen and discovered Londra’s plan to leave Earth (hidden trophy). 

Story: This trophy is unlocked after the 3rd DLC Story Mission, The Stars in Their Eyes.

If you are in Burning Shores and returning to Fleet’s End with Sekya, you’ll have to locate the Quen who have disappeared. After deactivating the tower that blocks air and relocating through Starlight Rise, where antagonist Walter Londra is reportedly hiding. Finding out of the Ascension and the plan of Londra will allow you to unlock the Trophy.

  • Confronted Londra

Trophy: Bronze

Objective: Uncovered the truth of Londra’s plans for the Quen and rescued Seyka’s sister (hidden trophy).

Story: This trophy will unlock at the end of the fourth DLC Story Mission, For His Amusement.

After completing his trial and gaining knowledge concerning Londra as well as his plan for Quen (spoilers Cloning and taking over them because they are insane), Aloy will have to battle against an Apex Slaughterspine. By defeating it, and rescuing Sekya’s daughter will unlock this Trophy.

  • Aided the Quen

Trophy: Bronze

Objective: Helped the Quen of Fleet’s End recover priceless knowledge and rescue those held captive (hidden trophy).

Story: This trophy will unlock after completing both The Splinter Within and In His Wake side quests.

When the captive Quen returns to Fleet’s End, and you’ve assisted them in gaining some “priceless information,” you’ll unlock this Trophy.

  • Defeated Londra and His Horus

Trophy: Silver

Objective: Defeated the awakened Horus and put a stop to Londra’s plans (hidden trophy).

  • All New Skills Learned

Trophy: Silver

Objective: Learned all new skills in the Burning Shores (hidden trophy).

Aloy has some new and exciting skills to master One for all the Skill Trees, and mastering all of them will unlock this trophy. You’ll have to get to the bottom of the tree to unlock each one. But, there’s a higher limit to the level and the brand new Skills can be useful. What they can do is:

Warrior’s Instinct: Increases the time that weak enemies are smashed down, as well as increases your “awareness” of their strength. Utilize an attack called Power attack by holding R2 and then releasing it in an Nora Warrior combo (Press R1 three times, then R2) to perform it.

Warrior’s Vigor – This new Valor Surge can increase Warrior Bow and Spear damage. Both increase damage by 60 percent and return 6 percent of the health every attack.

Elemental Spear – Attach capsules of elemental power to your spear, causing it to take on elemental damage. Outfit weaves that are equipped to raise the level of skill increase the duration of your spell and also do more damage from the capsules.

Smoke Bomb Heal – Thrown down a Smoke Bomb, and you’ll slowly regain your health. It’s beneficial for reducing stress and also to restore some health.

Trap Mines Trap Mines – A new Valor Surge that allows you to throw a mine, which breaks into four traps which explode, each one inflicting 400 explosive damage. The mines will stay on the ground after deployment and then expire. So you should use them more often instead of awaiting for enemies to appear.

Ropecaster Expert – Imagine you’ve just connected an Machine using the help of a Ropecaster and it’s beginning to recover. This skill allows you to shoot another rope can stop the machine for a short duration. This can only be done only once per opponent So don’t be too cocky about ropes an Slaughterspine quickly in a short time.

Glide Targeting – When you aim while gliding the skill will reduce time and speedily target your weapon. You can also fire the Specter Gauntlet, which is a new weapon that you can shoot while moving and unlike other weapons that break, this one doesn’t interrupt the gliding. You can slay the sky by shooting from the sky and win another Trophy quickly.

Hunter’s Mark – This latest Valor Surge causes the following few shots of the Hunter Bow to mark targets. The targets that are marked have a 20 % chance of sustaining Critical Damage. Destruction of components can also cause an explosion that causes 200 damage.

Machine Grapple Strike – allows players to Grapple Strike Machines when they are crushed. Press whenever you are within range to trigger it. If you can time the R1 press correctly, you will trigger the enemy, and blast that area with the Resonator Blast which can cause more damage.

Low Health Stamina – when you are below 25% health level, you can regain weapons Stamina quickly.

The Defy Death – A new Valor Surge that will cause your health to fall to a critical level, but also grants 30 percent more damage. After the event is over the health will be restored up to the threshold.

Shield Drop – allows crafting and utilizing Drop Shields. While they are used to prevent attacks, they could also cause damage to smaller Machines as well as cause them to fall when they are attacked breaking them. The ability to increase the skill’s highest level will also increase the endurance.

Sharpshot Professional –The precision of Sharpshot Expert is high. Sharpshot Bow shots is higher when you are walking or crouching.

Berserk Blast – new Valor Surge that is attached to your spear and activates a mod attached to your spear that causes every enemy within a 30 meter distance to go berserk. It lasts 32 seconds. Berserker Machines can attack any object indiscriminately Therefore, you must get away as quickly as possible.

Stealth Resonator – Increase Resonator power faster by using Silent Strikes. If you charge your weapon they can also cause more harm.

Flying Grapple Launch – allows for Grapple launch off of mounted flying structures. Ideal for when there aren’t near structures that you can launch off of, or because it is cool looking.

Override Overdrive – is a new Valor Surge that can cause overridden Machines to release 50 arcs of damage every 2 seconds. They also cause greater damage, and then explode within the area of eight meters upon death, but suffer the brunt of damage over the course of. You can alter the settings of the Machine before it is activated and trigger Valor Surge. Valor Surge to activate the effects.

Resonator Refill – After you have overridden a Machine the spear will be energized enough to trigger an Resonator Blast.

  • Reached Level 60

Trophy: Bronze

Objective: Reached player level 60. 

When you start on the Burning Shores DLC, and having completed Horizon Forbidden West and obtained the Platinum Platinum trophy Your character will be at level 50. After you have completed your Burning Shores story quests and epilogue, you’ll be at level 57. By the time you have completed the Side Quests that are available as well as other requirements for the trophies, you’ll be level 60 and getting the trophy.

Ghost Levels

Ghost levels are additional levels you earn from the game’s base game once you reach level 50 and continue to earn XP from your actions. Ghost levels Do not count. To earn this trophy, you’ll need to achieve 60 levels by gaining the required XP from completion of Story missions, side missions, and so on. There are activities to complete which reward XP both in The Burning Shores and The Forbidden West areas of the game. Ghost levels that you have earned previously can be brought back to your character upon reaching the level 60..

  • Used Brimshine

Trophy: Bronze

Objective: Used Brimshine to purchase 1 outfit and 1 weapon. 

Brimshine is a brand new type of mineral fragment that is located throughout the Burning Shores. It’s essentially identical to that of the Greenshinecurrency which was first introduced in Horizon Forbidden West. Brimshine nodes are yellow and are found everywhere in The Burning Shores (including underwater) It’s just a matter of keep an eye on.

It is possible to make use of your concentration to find Brimshine While you are looking around however for the most part, you’ll encounter it when you go through the new map, and complete missions and side quests, particularly when you locate Delver Trinkets, and then complete the errand related to it. In the Delver’s Trove. It is possible to discover more than 20 Brimshinefrom the reward for errands as well as from mineral deposits discovered from the collectors.

Purchase Outfits and Weapons using Brimshine

Brimshine must be purchased to buy the latest Outfits and Weapons included in the DLC along with the new weapon coils that are elite, and also to upgrade these outfits and weapons. To get the trophy, you have to buy one Outfit and one weapon from the sellers at Fleet’s End. There are 6 weapons and 3 outfits available. But, you’ll only need to buy one to earn your trophy and it’s not required to upgrade them.

Tip: Save your game prior to making a purchase and you want to reload the game when you’ve earned the trophy, in case you don’t want spend the currency or to use it for another purpose.

Costs & Catalogue

Below is a listing of new weapons and outfits sold by vendors on Fleet’s End, along with the cost:

Each outfit costs 2000x Metal Shards and 8x BrimshineEach weapon costs 3000x Metal Shards and 8x Brimshine

You need a total of 5000 Shards and 16 Brimshine to purchase the items required for the trophy.

  • Equipped an Elite Coil or Weave

Trophy: Bronze

Objective: Equipped and elite coil on a weapon or an elite weave on an outfit.

To unlock this trophy, you have to purchase or find a loot Elite Weapon Coil or Elite Armor Weave and then outfit it. The weaves and coils be snatched from machines that have been defeated and don’t necessarily have to be bought. If you’d like to buy a particular Elite weave or coil you can purchase them from sellers in Fleet’s End at an expense of 350x Metal Shards plus 3x Brimshine every time. The trophy will be unlocked when you have equipped the item.

Free Elite Weaves

Apart from the coils or weaves that are available for looting randomly from powerful machines and other equipment, there are two different actions that give you Elite Weaves that could be utilized to earn this award if you don’t wish to invest in Brimshine and haven’t yet obtained an Elite weave or coil through looting machines.

These are two of the activities that reward the best weaver:

It was retrieved from the Delver’s Trve reward chest that is accessible after finding the entire collection of Delver’s Trinket. Look up Bronze BronzeRediscovered the Delvers Trove for more details.

The stolen item was found in the Apex Bilegut discovered protecting the Cauldron’s Core THETA. Check out Bronze the Cauldron the THETABronze Core overridden for more information.

Equipping an Elite Weave / Coil

To equip a weave or coil, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Pause Menu and go to the Inventory tab
  2. Select the Outfits or Weapons section
  3. Make sure you highlight your desired Outfit or Weapon
  4. Click Square for EditWeaves or Coils, then choose the desired slot
  5. Press Cross to select the Weave/Coil Slot
  6. Choose the Elite Weave or Coil to be equipped then press Cross
  • Specter Gauntlet Upgraded

Trophy: Silver

Objective: Fully upgraded the Specter Gauntlet (hidden trophy).

To earn this award You must craft the only upgrade available to the trophy. Specter Gauntlet weapon.

Below are the prerequisites you must be able to meet in order to complete this task:

  1. In the 3rd Story Mission, The Stars in Their Eyes In the third Story Mission, The Stars in Their Eyes receive an item called the the Specter Gauntlet weapon after you defeat Zeth close to the close of the mission at The Ascension Hall.

2. In this Side Quest In His Wake You will be able to get the Railgun part by looting it from the Pirik’s body after defeating him toward the close in the game.

3. Back at Fleet’s Endeavor, when you’ve obtained this item, you will be presented with an alternative purpose to make use of a desk to enhance your Specter Gauntlet. This will allow you to allow you to unlock your trophy.

  • Cauldron THETA Core Overridden

      Trophy: Bronze

      Objective: Reached the Core of Cauldron THETA and accessed its information (hidden trophy)

There’s a brand new Cauldron added to the Burning Shores DLC. Cauldron: THETA It is found in the southeast of the map, and directly to the north of Pangea Park. The main entrance isn’t accessible, however should you go through the valley from the main entrance to the northeast, you’ll discover a cave entrance a few meters away in a region which is surrounded by the lava (see the image). The cauldron is based on a brand new mechanism that you have to use steam geysers to help you reach platforms using to lift you up onto platforms using your Shieldwing. It is not difficult to use, and Aloy The comment will be made when something is that needs to be utilized.Once you have reached the heart inside the cauldron it is likely that you will be required to fight an Apex Bilegut prior to being able to bypass the cauldron’s core. When you’ve completed the cauldron and unlock the trophy, it will be unlocked when Aloy has been brought back onto the surface. Check out the video walkthrough in case you need to.

  • All New Machines Scanned

      Trophy: Bronze

      Objective: Encountered and Focus scanned every new machine in the Burning Shores DLC.

There are four new types of machines added to this Burning Shores DLC, as described below. To gain access to this prize, you’ll have to find and scan all of the machine types using the Focus (). The trophy will be unlocked when you scan your final one. The earliest you are able to unlock the trophy is during five Story Mission His Final Act in the event that you’ve already scanned other machines.

New Machines

Details on each of the four new machines that you’ll encounter in your quest for the tale:

StingspawnStingspawn are tiny machines which resemble flying bugs. They can be found near Bilegut machines. They are quite simple to kill, generally needing just two or three shots from bows like a Hunter bow.
They hatch from eggs made of metal that are scattered throughout Bilegut places of spawning. They can be destroyed in order to prevent their being hatched.
Stingspawn are first seen within The Story Mission To the Burning Shores
BilegutBilegut is a huge machine that looks like the Frog. It is a jumping machine and is also able to hit the victim with its tongue. They are invulnerable when it comes to Fire and Frost elements.
The first time you will encounter a Bilegut during The Story Mission To the Burning Shores. If you didn’t scan it, here’s Bilegut’s site accessible as required.
You’ll be fighting the Apex Bilegut in the Cauldron THETA and you will gain access to the override for these machines once you have completed the cauldron.
WaterwingThe Waterwing is quite like the Sunwing however it is able to fly and swim in the water.
They are first seen within the fourth Story Mission For His Amusement and are found in various locations along the coast near the water. If you have missed the area, here’s the place of the Waterwing Site that is available for use as required.
After overcoming the Waterwing within the fourth quest it will replace your Sunwing mounted until the time you can override another Sunwing.
HorusThe fourth and final machine that is part of the Burning Shores expansion is, no surprise, the Horus. It’s only seen during the 5th Story Mission His Final Act and must be examined at some point during the chapter.
It is mandatory to check it out in the course of a fight while searching for weaknesses, which means you don’t have to fret about it being missed, however it is advised to get it scanned as quickly as you can in order to clear it from the way.
The Horus is massive, strong and strong. He has no weaknesses However, as the fight includes several scripted parts, it is best to follow the flow and be careful not to get taken down.
  • Completed the Dino Digits Quiz

Trophy: Bronze

Objective: Recovered all Pangea Figurines and completed the Dino Digits quiz (hidden trophy).
When you explore in the Burning Shores, you can discover the rare Pangea Dinosaur Figurines that are connected to Pangea Park. There are five figurines to discover, and they grant the ability to take quiz questions in five terminals in the middle in the central area of the park. The dinosaurs’ figurines are identified in the map using the Dinosauricon which is illustrated in the image below. If you’ve never seen them, they’ll be displayed as an undiscovered location identified by the ? icon.

Pangea Figurines Locations

Figurines Information
Name: Reggie the Pterodactyl
Location: ? at Pangea Park
Directions: If you are inside a structure close to the Campfire it is necessary to open the vent at the exact location indicated on the Close Map link on the left. The conduct will be crossed and you can start the vent closest to the fire. After you have dropped down the room, you’ll be able to see it sitting over a fallen object.
Name: Red Raptor
Location: ? north of the Cauldron THETA
Directions: You’ll first be required to locate the datapoint that is on the top of a partially submerged structure marked with a ? Then, utilize an airplane to lift the clamp made of metal from the building towards the east, near the map’s border. When you are inside the room, it’s right in front of you.
Name: Green Raptor
Location: ? to the north Murmuring The Hollow Relic Ruins
Directions: At the ? site, you’ll have to scan a datapoint a second time before you can get to this Stalker Site to the east of it (there are at minimum two Stalkers) which is where you can park underground. You can go down to the third floor and you will be able to open the car’s door and take loot from the contents.
Name: Queen Rex
Location: ? to the west of Fleet’s Rest
Comments: At the ? place, you can scan the datapoint and study the clues with your Focus (you have to move debris using your tools to get the one hint). Go to the machine’s site located to the southwest and collect it from the bare carcass of a Shellwalker.
Name: Dimorphodon
Location: ? North of Fleet’s Rest
Comments: The sculpture is in a store which is located on the lower level, and is guarded by a variety of machines. The code is in the upper part of the building, referring to the date of a lover’s birthday and the number 111464. Put it into the console, and you’ll discover the final figurine inside.

Dino Digits Quiz

Once you have found all 5 figurines and have correctly answered the 5 Dino Digits Quiz questions in the Pangea Park itself, the trophy will unlock after a special victory message plays. The answers to the quiz questions can be easily found in the Notebook entry for each figurine, located under the Collectibles section. Otherwise, here are the codes for the quiz terminals, from left to right:


If you would rather not hunt for these collectibles, check out the video below for the location of each collectible and the quiz answers.

  • Recovered the Delvers’ Trove

Trophy: Bronze

Objective: Recover all Delver Trinkets and unearth their trove (hidden trophy).

While exploring in the Burning Shores, you can discover Delver’s Trinkets in hidden places on the map. There are seven trinkets to find that will give you clues concerning the secret whereabouts for Delver’s Trove. Delver’s Trive chest.

To be able to win this award, you have to follow these steps:

Collect all 7 Delver Trinkets. These trinkets can be located in areas far off the main route. This means that a significant amount of searching is necessary in order to locate them for yourself. Because they can be difficult to find The easiest method to locate they are to use the following video instructions below.
After you have collected all the trinkets, another run will begin automatically. It’s called “The Delver’s Trove.
To locate the Trove To locate the Trove, you’ll need to follow the exact instructions from the trinkets you’ve discovered ( they are very specific and can be found on the description of the quest in the game menu). When you have successfully located and collected the Delver’s Trove the trophy will become unlocked.

Delver Trinkets Locations

Delver Trinket Information
Name: Cherished Flask
Comments: You have to jump off the edge towards West of the fire as shown in the map’s close-up image You will then be able to enter the cave. It is necessary to go through it with the hook as well as a moveable container in order to get to the top of the cave, where the trinket is.
Name: Old Pot
Comments: It’s found on a wooden table, behind an Slitherfang located in the northeast part in the northeast region of the map. You can get around the fight to use an aircraft mounted mount and dropping it behind or by the table itself.
Name: Music Box
Comment: If you follow the path that turns towards the south there is a cave that is small to the east. Enter it and you’ll find this trinket, along with several more loot-crates.
Name: Delver’s Cap
Comments: At the Bellowback Site shown on the close map, you will find an area to the right of the roadway, where an underground zipline falls into a level with an unfinished wall that you can go inside. Inside the building, climb to the top floor, and then collect the trinket in the window.
Name: Lucky Porker
Comments: After the campfire, head out, then turn your back towards The Clumberjaw Site and use the hook to break up a wall on the ground, then plunge into it. The trinket will be inside the room. Be aware of all the machines that are around, and take care of them in advance.
Name: Hef the Hammer
Comments from the campfire that is shown on the map of the area you can descend onto the platform that is on the cliff’s edge. From the platform, you can jump into the cave, and you will find it in the surface.
Name: Mighty Pint
Comments: On the westernmost island on the map, where you need to defeat the Stormbird for the Aerial Capture. It is inside one of the buildings, on the top floor

Delver’s Trove

After collecting the 7 trinkets, the “Delver’s Trove” quest will automatically start, and the trophy will pop once you find and open the chest. Check the video guide below showing the route to follow.

  • Recovered All Aerial Captures

Trophy: Bronze

Objective: Discovered and completed all Aerial Captures

The trophy is available after completing The Story Mission For His Amusementand requires a mix of flying and ground-based exploration making sure you have an Sunwing as well as a Waterwing available.

Follow the steps listed below to complete these steps:

  1. In order to access the first five aerial Captures You must locate a scanner and interact with it in order to gain access to a nearby flight path across the sky. If you require assistance in locating the boxes, consult the video tutorial.
  2. The boxes can be located by focusing your eyes, if they are located within the range of a couple hundred meters of them. They appear as a glowing purple circle that you can scan to gain access to the specific flight route Similar to the black boxes in the game base.
  3. Aero Capture West is a quest that requires players to find, aggravate and finally take down the Apex Stormbird, a process which will result in the loss of the flying mount which means you’ll need to purchase a new one prior to starting the quest.
  4. After you have played with each box, you can use your mount for flying to go around the large purple start circle of coordinates close by and follow the flight path identified as an arrow trail, while making audio logs available when you go.Once you’ve reached the final destination, you’ll come across another large, circle of purple in the sky and will be asked to press to display an old-fashioned image of the spot.
  5. After completing the first five Aerial Captures After that, you will immediately begin your quest to find the sixth, and when you have completed this task the trophy will become available.
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  • Used Grapple Strike on Machines

Trophy: Bronze

Objective: Used Grapple strike on 5 unique machines.

This trophy requires the brand new Machine Grapple Strike skills on 5 Other machines are operating while the machines are in the Knocked Down state.

Make sure you follow these instructions to win this award easily:

  1. Purchase the Knockdown Sharpshot Bow, which can be bought through the Hunter vendor in Barren Light if you don’t already have it. The knockdown arrows that come with this bow are effective in taking down small enemies in one shot, without damaging the target. It is possible that you may want to improve your bow in order to get the maximum impact.
  2. Then, unlock your machine-gapple strike skill, which is located on the right-hand side in the Hunterskill tree. It cost 2 points of skill.
  3. For a successful grapple stroke it is necessary to take down your adversaries by using knockdown arrows, or other techniques, and then when the opponent is in state of Knocked Down state then you need to run close to them, then jump using the same method, and then click once more to activate the grapple device. Aloy will grapple with the enemy, and then leap high in the air above the machine in which case you will be asked by a prompt to click R1 to complete the leap.
  4. It is recommended to perform this on smaller enemies, such as Chargers, Burrowers, Scroungers Fanghorns Leaplashers. It is possible to can also apply Grapple Strike on bigger enemies which are defeated by other means if you are given the chance but the results will appear more unpredictable.
  5. The most important thing to remember is that this has to be carried out on five different enemy kinds in order to unlock the trophy.
  • Killed Machines While Gliding

          Trophy: Bronze

          Objective: Killed 5 machines with the Specter Gauntlet while gliding.

           This award can be acquired anytime After getting the Specter Gauntlet Weapon in the 3rd Story Mission, The Stars in Their Eyes . Also, you must unlock the Glide Targeting ability found on the lower left corner on the Hunter tree, which costs 2 points of skill.

Follow the steps below to earn this award:

  • After unlocking the Glide Targeting skill You must then select and equip the Specter Gauntlet on the wheel of weapons.
  • Take off on your flight mount and climb to an acceptable height above the group of enemies you wish to target.
  • When you are in the air, take off by pressing and release the release, then quickly press for a second time to allow Your Shieldwing to glide over adversaries.
  • When aiming at L2, you want to shoot the Specter Gauntlet with R2 at an enemy below you until it is destroyed while you are still in the air. Destroy any 5 enemies ( They don’t need the same look, which is why you can load an entire area ) by using the method above to gain access to your trophy.
    • To ease the process to make it easier, to make things easier, it is recommended to do this with small enemies like Burrowers as well as Scrappers in low-level zones like The Daunt. There are 3 Burrowers east of Chainscrape. This can be accomplished easily. simply utilize to light the nearby campfire to speedily move across the area and back to quickly respawn the group of enemies once you’ve killed them.
  • Killed Bileguts and Stingspawn

          Trophy: Bronze

          Objective: Killed 5 Bileguts and 50 Stingspawn.

          To unlock this award, you must take out at least 5x Bileguts and 50x Stingspawn enemy machines in Machine enemies in Burning Shores. See All New Machines Scanned For more information, click here.

There are numerous locations in the area where will meet these types of enemies:

  • You will meet three Bileguts throughout your journey in your story as well as several Stingspawn in the same regions.
  • You will also see many of Stingspawn, as well as one Apex Bilegut in Cauldron THETA
  • For those who have lost Bilegut and Stingspawn that is missing Visit their spawn locations located on the Burning Shores map, such as Bilegut site locationBilegut Site Location


The trophy will not progress, but when you look at the trophy, it will track your progress. Pause Menu > Notebook > Statistics section under Machine Kills ( scroll down to the end of the list. ) If you click on the link, you can check the number of each you’ve defeated so far. Once you have overcome five Bilegut enemies and 50 Stingspawn opponents, the trophy will become available.