How Old is Thorfinn in Season 1


Thorfinn (toruhuin Torufin?) Thorsson, known as Karlsefni, was a soldier of the band Askeladd’s and an ex-slave at Ketil’s farm. He is now a trader and an adventurer trying to make his way into Vinland. The main character is an antagonist in the story Vinland Saga.

Thorfinn was first introduced in the story in the Vinland Sagas as a six-year-old boy. Thorfinn spent the following 11 years in the Askeladd family until Thorfinn joined the Viking band. Thorfinn was 17 to 18 when Askeladd died and spent four years as a slave. At present, Thorfinn is around 25 years old.

He was a native of Iceland as the child of Helga and Thors, the Jomsviking’s most famous warrior before his departure. He is also the elder brother to Ylva and is also related to the Jomsvikings’ leadership Jomsvikings by his mom, who is the daughter of the 3rd Cheif, Sigvaldi.

He spent over 10 years attempting revenge against Askeladd, who murdered his father. He even followed the man into battle to stay close to him. He became more brutal and cruel and killed many people. After he killed Canute in an instant of rage and shock for killing Askeladd, the abolition of which was the goal of Thorfinn throughout his entire life, he was imprisoned for a time as a form of punishment. After four years, he regained the freedom he sought and transformed his life.

He pledged to make the most of his past and to create peace and a country without slavery in Vinland, which he had heard from Leif Ericson’s stories as a young child. After leaving Ketil’s home with a new acquaintance, Einar, he then traveled to Greece to collect funds to travel to Vinland, and after three years, he had the funds and people to embark on his journey to Vinland. He developed Arnheid Village on Vinland.

How Old is Thorfinn in Season 1?

Thorfinn is 6 years old at the beginning of Vinland Saga season 1 and 17 years old at the end of the season. The season spans 11 years, from the year 1002 to 1013.

Thorfinn’s age is significant because it reflects his journey from innocence to adulthood. At the beginning of the season, Thorfinn is a carefree child who is excited about the prospect of adventure. However, after witnessing the death of his father at the hands of Askeladd, Thorfinn becomes consumed by revenge. He spends the next 11 years training to become a warrior so that he can one day defeat Askeladd.

By the end of season 1, Thorfinn has become a skilled fighter, but he has also lost much of his innocence. He is haunted by the memories of the violence he has witnessed and committed. However, he also begins to develop a new sense of empathy and compassion.

Thorfinn’s age is also important because it highlights the brutality of the Viking world in which he lives. Children are often forced to grow up quickly in this world, and Thorfinn is no exception. He is forced to confront the realities of death and violence at a very young age.

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Thorfinn’s Age At Start

Thorfinn's Age At Start

Anyone looking for an original and refreshing anime style ought to appreciate Vinland Saga due to the nature of the show, which doesn’t provide the high-stakes drama and occurrences that anime typically has. The series tells the story of Thorfinn, who began his journey as a child and was content with his parents in Greenland. However, he was unaware that he had been the father of a famous Viking commander.

The storyline starts with Thors, the father of Thorfinn, being introduced during a major battle that is believed to have caused his death. He then faked his death to escape the constant battles and battles. He also wanted to start an intimate marriage with the woman he was married to. They then moved to Greenland, where they could begin an idyllic life with a great family.

In this regard, Thorfinn was first introduced as a curious and fun youngster at six. He lived the normal life of a boy in a tranquil town in Greenland. But after the Danish army learned that Thors was always alive, they decided to call Thors back to fight yet again. Believing that they would endanger the lives of his family members and people around him, Thors had no choice other than to fight.

Thorfinn got on the ship Thors was on to join the army. However, they did not know that this was an assassination plan all along since Floki Jomsviking, Jomsviking’s commander, was determined to get Thors dead for deserting them several years ago. Floki engaged the services of the mercenary Askeladd chief to take down Thors.

Thors was killed in the ambush of Askeladd. The Jomsviking, the legendary Jomsviking, decided to die so that his son and others could remain alive. But instead of joining the other mercenaries who had returned to Greenland, Thorfinn stayed with Askeladd’s band to ensure that he could get revenge for the death that his father had suffered. He chose to join the group of mercenaries as he wanted to be strong enough to fight Askeladd in single combat to be able to kill him respectably.

Thorfinn’s Age During Askeladd’s Band

When Thorfinn was in Askeladd’s band, honing his skills and fighting in countless fights to be strong enough to take down the person responsible for the murder of his dad, Thorfinn was a participant in the battle against East Anglia when he was only twelve years old. Despite his youth, it was evident that he was a valuable member of Askeladd’s group because he was more speedy and more exact than the other soldiers.

In the following decades, Thorfinn continued his life as a mercenary under Askeladd in the War arc, the conflict between Denmark and England. Even at his age, he’d turned into a young numb teenager uninterested in what was happening around him so long as he could get the thing he wanted – a fair battle with Askeladd.

Thorfinn was at a ripe age of 16 at the first phase of his time in the War arc. Thorfinn fought for about two or three years fighting endless battles and killing hundreds of soldiers. Thorfinn was a young man when he fought his great-uncle Thorkell in the conflict against England.

In the final phase of the War Arc, Denmark was victorious. But King Sweyn decided to invade the kingdom, which angered Askeladd since he was trying to defend his country from Viking attacks. This is when Askeladd raged across the dining hall and killed King Sweyn. Prince Canute ended the life of Askeladd, which irritated Thorfinn as the only thing he longed for in his life was taken away from him.

Thorfinn’s Age in The Slave Arc

Thorfinn's Age in The Slave Arc

When Canute assassinated Askeladd, Thorfinn was furious and took to attacking the prince, claiming that the only goal he had set for himself was impossible. However, he was reprimanded by the Canute’s men due to his attempt to take over the prince’s life.Thorfinn was then sold into slavery.

Thorfinn was a slave for the following three or four years as a slave on Ketil’s farms during the Slavery period. At that point, the man had turned into a cold, lifeless man because of his feeling that he had lost any reason to exist. Also, he was constantly haunted by the people he had murdered.

Thorfinn’s nightmares, while he was an escaped slave, led him to decide that he would never harm someone else for no reason ever again. Thorfinn also realized that his zeal to get revenge was a waste of time and had no meaning. At the time of the Slavery story, Thorfinn was around the age of 22.

Current Age of Thorfinn

When Thorfinn’s time as a slave ended, he could return home to Greenland on his first visit since leaving it at six. He aimed to go east to Greece to find a way to finance his goal of finding Vinland, the place Leif discovered during his travels many years ago. The manga says that Thorfinn was born in the year 25.

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How old is Thorfinn at the start of Vinland Saga season 2?

In the first episode of season 2, Thorfinn was 19 at the time of season 2 and was born in 996 AD. This is evident in an episode in which the older Thorfinn speaks to Leif Erikson, a man who was born in the year 950 AD and had been a leader in attacks in England in the year 991. Thorfinn is proud to say that he’s been at it with his father since age 5. This means he was just 10 years older when the show began.

Thorfinn also claims that he’s been training under Askeladd for the past decade and further indicates that he’s 19 when the season begins 2. Because Askeladd adopted Thorfinn following his father’s death in the year 1004 AD, 1015 AD is an appropriate time to turn 19.

How old will Thorfinn be at the end of Vinland Saga season 2?

Season 2 adapts the vast majority of The Slave Arc, so we can anticipate Thorfinn to get older a bit. If Netflix continues adapting all story, Throfinn will be about 22 years old after the second season of The Slave Arc.

According to Thorfinn’s Wikipedia page, he’ll remain aged 22 for a considerable time until he ages to a new age. If Netflix changes the storyline of Vinland Saga to the end, it is likely to see Thorfinn getting older. What age he’ll be is yet to be determined.

As we await Netflix (and for the manga to finish the final chapter), We’re eager to see how Thorfinn develops between 19 and. 22.