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Most people tend to take Pokemon to be a part of the every day, particularly their names. Some names are funny, and you can be aware of them; however, in most cases, names aren’t noticed. However, in case you did not know, during the initial five Pokemon generations, names for Pokemon were limited to 10 letters due to in-game mechanics. The rules changed following Generation V; since then, we’ve noticed Pokemon with more than ten letters in their name. In this article, we will present you with the top 10 Pokemon with the longest names, with no exceptions. This includes Pokemon with “Mega”, “Gigantamax”, or other descriptors in their names, as these are simple additions to standard species names.

What Pokemon Has the Longest Name?

Crabominable has a name of 12 letters and is the Pokemon with the longest name. The maximum number of letters that could be used in a Pokemon’s name from Generation 1 to Generation 5 is 10, with examples being Weepinbell, Sudowoodo, Hitmonchan, and more.

What is the longest Pokémon names list?

10. Hitmonchan – 10 letters

Height4′ 07″
Weight110.7 lbs
AbilitiesKeen Eye<br>Iron Fist
WeaknessesPsychic, Flying, Fairy

Hitmonchan, in contrast to Hitmonlee, is a master of fists and can easily take down any foe. Due to his proficiency with punches, he has learned a variety of punches, including elemental ones. According to legend, Hitmonchan has the mentality of a boxer who has been training to win the world title. His spirit is unbreakable, and he never gives up on his foes.
Hitmonchan is so frequently spotted at professional boxing matches. He never lowers his defence because he always utilizes one arm to strike and the other to defend. His blows may easily penetrate a concrete wall and appear like a power drill. Despite everything, Hitmonchan requires a break to regain his strength after 3 minutes of combat.

9. Weepinbell – 10 letters

Height3′ 03″
Weight14.1 lbs
TypeGrass, Poison
WeaknessesFire, Psychic, Flying, Ice

It has a bell-shaped body with a bright yellow color that dominates. It utilizes two of its sharp leaves to cut up its prey if it does not fit completely in its mouth. It has two sharp leaves. Additionally, it has a sizable hook on its back, which it uses to hang onto a branch to sleep. He can wake up on the ground if he moves while asleep.
Weepinbell is generally tranquil, but if upset, he won’t hold back. It primarily consumes insects caught in the forests where it lives. It will not think twice about assaulting any Pokémon that wanders into its domain. Bellsprout loses its stem and roots when it transforms into Weepinbell.

8. Stonjourner – 11 letters

Height8′ 02″
Weight1146.4 lbs
CategoryBig Rock
AbilitiesPower Spot
WeaknessesWater, Steel, Grass, Fighting, Ground

Although Stonjourner is based on the Stonehenge Dolmen, it also draws inspiration from Nordic cultures and the runes that served as their writing system. The English Norse people created the Stonjourner runes. The name Yngvi, a mythical monarch and the first progenitor of the Swedish throne, is pronounced (Ing), which means lord (in allusion to his human form).

It also draws inspiration from the connection between Stonehenge and archaeoastronomy (prehistoric cultures’ mystical understanding of space). Stones of various sizes make up Stonjourner’s body, which he moves like limbs. This Pokémon will occasionally sprint for a quick move with long strides.

However, he generally prefers to spend the day lying in a meadow, observing the sun’s course, and taking in a calm existence. They have the habit of coming out of thin air to meet and create a circle, always leaving the same space between them once a year and on a particular date. Numerous ideas take into account the sun’s position, the energy of the earth, and other considerations, but they have yet to pinpoint the cause.

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7. Blacephalon – 11 letters

Height5′ 11″
Weight28.7 lbs
AbilitiesBeast Boost
TypeFire, Ghost
WeaknessesWater, Ghost, Ground, Dark, Rock

Blacephalon is an Ultra Beast that belongs to the FireGhost and Fire types. It has existed for a long time, since Generation VII, it was introduced alongside its Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games.

Blacephalon is an adult-sized Humanoid Pokemon that is similar to clowns. Its slim body is mostly white in shade and is adorned with coloured parts. The large basin is yellow, with stripes of purple and blue. The basin also sports colorful decorative balls that are on its body. Two white balls on the back and front of the upper body. One purple one is on the left side, and an additional blue ball is on the left knee.
The arms of the man are also either purple or blue. The wide white ruff surrounded by a round headrest is also. The white ruff features vibrant dots and vibrant star designs across the edges. The eyes of yellow can be visible on the side.
In its Shiny appearance In its Shiny form, all the white body parts are deep purple.
Its high power knows Blacephalon and is extremely effective in physical and special attacks. Its defense, as well as its strengths, could be stronger.

6. Corviknight – 11 letters

Height7′ 03″
Weight165.3 lbs
AbilitiesPressure, Unnerve
TypeFlying, Steel
WeaknessesFire, Electric

Corviknight is a distinct creation, drawing from the western jackdaw, a bird reminiscent of the British realm, and the enigmatic aura of medieval dark knights. Dressed in dark blue plumage and adorned with fiery red eyes, it exudes an appearance akin to armor, its chest feathers and shadowy talons revealed amidst its metallic feathers. The arrangement of its head feathers even echoes the silhouette of a helmet.

Corviknight is believed to be the most powerful Pokemon in the skies of the Galar region. They are often spotted flying in fearless flight by the skies and have been known as “the graceful lord of the skies”. It is believed that glancing at Corviknight Pokemon is sufficient to frighten any Pokemon that tries to take on them.

Because of their expertise and unbeatable capability of flying, many can take passengers from one place to the next as employees of Aerotaxis Galar. Aerotaxis Galar company. With their participation in the Gigantamax concept, Corviknight with a Gigantamax factor can change into Gigantamax Corviknight in the event of the course of combat.

5. Barraskewda – 11 letters

Height4′ 03″
Weight66.1 lbs
AbilitiesSwift Swim
WeaknessesGrass, Electric

Barraskewda is an inspiration for the barracuda, a skewer, and an underwater torpedo because it utilizes its tail fin to propel itself. Propel itself underwater and get around while hunting. The jaw is as sharp as a spear and as durable as steel. It turns its tail fin around to move forward and then swoops down at prey that it skewers with speeds of more than 100 knots. The meat is quite delicious and is extremely sought-after in the world of Haute food.

4. Centiskorch – 11 letters

Height9′ 10″
Weight264.6 lbs
AbilitiesFlash Fire, White Smoke
TypeFire, Bug
WeaknessesWater, Flying, Rock

Centiskorch is inspired by the huge scolopendra as well as a radiator. Its design may be influenced by fire centipedes capable of generating light in its body by bioluminescence. The shape of the body is rectangular and elongated. It is reddish in hue. The belly is covered in yellowish-coloured circles. It is covered with an arc of fire that runs across its face and another one near the end of the tail. The eyes are thin and yellowish.

It is an extremely aggressive Pokemon that can attain 800 oC in human body temperatures. When attacking, Centiskorch uses his body as a whip, launching his body at his adversaries. The flaming body can cause a firestorm to anyone who comes close enough without coming to contact. By using his sharp fangs, he is capable of breaking his adversaries into pieces.

3. Polteageist – 11 letters

Height0′ 08″
Weight0.9 lbs
CategoryBlack Tea
AbilitiesWeak Armor
WeaknessesGhost, Dark

The Poltergeist is a homage to an ice-cold teapot, a poltergeist and the genies who live within magical lamps. The body of Polteageist is comprised of black tea, which is a distinct smell and taste. He will only let an instructor taste. But, too many can cause stomach discomfort.

Many Poltergeists are found in hotels or restaurants. They are hidden in the china. They can put their energy into leftover tea to make new types of their own which is why they are generally viewed as a threat.

2. Fletchinder – 11 letters

Height2′ 04″
Weight35.3 lbs
AbilitiesFlame Body
TypeFire, Flying
WeaknessesWater, Electric, Rock

Fletchinder is an adaptation of a Japanese nightingale. Fletchinder is a Pokemon that is stunning both physically and due to its distinctive chirp. It emits sparks from its beak, igniting tall grass to frighten its prey and take them down when they escape. It also uses the occasion to roast them in this manner before taking them for a meal.

If you want to gain greater speed to pursue or escape, you can warm the bag in your stomach. Fletchinders are very territorial and will not allow in any way other Fletchinder who enters their territory, which extends over many kilometers. If the situation is triggered, violent fights will likely take place to control hunting zones.

1. Crabominable – 12 letters

Height5′ 07″
Weight396.8 lbs
CategoryWoolly Crab
AbilitiesHyper Cutter, Iron Fist
TypeFighting, Ice
WeaknessesSteel, Fire, Psychic, Flying, Fighting, Fairy

A yeti crab inspires Crabominable. The majority part of the crab’s physique is coated in white fur. However, streaks of cream-colored spots appear out across its head. The face is a light blue hue; you can observe his round white eyes and massive mouth. The abdomen is blueish as well. His arms are bluish with light blue stripes. Similar shades can be observed on the lower portion of his arms.
The creature walks four feet with the blue-colored tips of ice. A Crabrawler became lost and ended up in a mountain covered with snow. In the frigid winter, this Pokémon changed and gained hair. He hurls numerous punches as well, and in situations of desperate need, he can take off his pincers, firing them into the air like rockets. Icy air is accumulating inside the pincers, and the punches he strikes against the pincers can shatter the thickest walls of the ice. His violent punches have prevented the avalanches.

Which Pokemon move has the longest name?

When we are done with this post before we finish this article, here is an interesting factoid. The move with one of the most lengthy names in its English versions, which has an entire 25 letters, is Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom. It is a Ghost-type damage-dealing Z-Move first introduced in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It is the exclusive Z-Move from Lunala, Dawn Wings Necrozma, and an improved version of their famous Moongeist Beam, their signature move.

When Z-Power is acquired every time, the player, Lunala, attacks the person before him with all force. This attack can ignore the effects of the target’s ability. This technique isn’t recommended for use. It is recommended that this technique is not remembered. Once it’s forgotten, this maneuver can’t be kept in mind. It’s not possible to use it in the field of battle.

Longest Mega Pokemon Names

Before we reveal the Pokemon that has the longest name, we’ll identify the Pokemon that have the longest known names in the “Mega” category, as they also get some of the credit in length.

Mega Kangaskhan: The most loved marsupial Pokemon, was introduced in Generation I. It can be Mega transformed into a huge version of it by using the Mega Stone called Kangaskanite, which is located in Kalos. Kalos region.

There is another Mega Aerodactyl, another Kanto iconic, named in honour of the Pterodactyl. A fossilized and ancient Pokemon that, after being reanimated from an old amber and then mega-evolved, ascends to the skies in gigantic dimensions.