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Dead Space Remake Achievements & Trophies List

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A comprehensive list of Dead Space Remake all Achievements. This covers hidden achievements as well as any bonus incentives for achieving certain goals. I also have some ideas and advice to help you unlock some of the more difficult Achievements!

This guide will help you keep track of what achievements are available in the Dead Space remake and how you can get them. Some of these achievements are difficult to gain and will only be available to the most brave and resourceful gamers.

How Do Achievements Work in Dead Space?

Achievements can be obtained in a variety of ways. Some are obtained via progressing through the game’s story or by successfully performing particular tasks. On the PC and Xbox versions of the Dead Space remake, a total of 47 achievements are available. The PlayStation 5 version will contain a total of 48 achievements!

While the achievements have little use besides bragging rights, completing their conditions can net you some goodies like equipment or even story alterations!

In the Dead Space remake, you can obtain a total of 9 Hidden Achievements. These are typically acquired through difficult or covert methods. Fortunately, we’ll be giving you instructions on how to get them right here!

Overview of Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake is a reimagined version of the original Dead Space game, developed by Motive Studios and published by Electronic Arts (EA). The game is set to be released on various gaming platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The remake aims to bring the classic survival horror experience of the original game to modern gaming consoles with updated graphics, improved gameplay mechanics, and new features while staying true to the original’s core atmosphere and story.

All Dead Space Remake Trophies and Achievements

Here is the complete list of Dead Space’s 48 achievements. Keep in mind that one of these is only available as a Platinum Achievement on the PlayStation 5. This table will include two sorts of achievements: normal and hidden.

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Dead Space Remake All Achievements

Concordance Officer (Platinum)PlatinumPS5Collect all trophies
UntouchableGoldNormalComplete the game on Impossible Mode.
One GunGoldNormalBeat the game using only the Plasma Cutter.
Maxed OutGoldNormalFully Upgrade all weapons and equipment.
Legend TellerSilverNormalCollect 150 Logs.
Full ArsenalSilverNormalOwn every weapon in the game.
Final RegenerationSilverNormalDiscover the Hunter’s origins. 
Whole AgainSilverNormalPursue Nicole’s investigation. 
Set A BenchmarkSilverNormalComplete the game on Medium difficulty or above.
Trusted ContractorSilverNormalComplete New Game Plus on any difficulty mode.
Built To OrderSilverNormalInstall every weapon upgrade.
Welcome AboardBronzeNormalComplete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting.
Lab RatBronzeNormalComplete Chapter 2 on any difficulty setting. 
All Systems GoBronzeNormalComplete Chapter 3 on any difficulty setting.
Cannon FodderBronzeNormalComplete Chapter 4 on any difficulty setting. 
True BelieverBronzeNormalComplete Chapter 5 on any difficulty setting.
Greenhouse EffectBronzeNormalComplete Chapter 6 on any difficulty setting. 
S.O.S.BronzeNormalComplete Chapter 7 on any difficulty setting. 
Strange TransmissionsBronzeNormalComplete Chapter 8 on any difficulty setting.
WreckageBronzeNormalComplete Chapter 9 on any difficulty setting. 
Keeper of the FaithBronzeNormalComplete Chapter 10 on any difficulty setting. 
BetrayedBronzeNormalComplete Chapter 11 on any difficulty setting. 
ExodusBronzeNormalComplete Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting. 
Pack RatBronzeNormalPlace 25 items in storage. 
Story TellerBronzeNormalCollect 75 Logs.
MerchantBronzeNormalCollect all schematics.
MarksmanBronzeNormalDismember 50 limbs. 
SurgeonBronzeNormalDismember 500 limbs. 
FreezeBronzeNormalUse Stasis on 50 enemies. 
Full ContactBronzeNormalKill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam. 
A Cut AboveBronzeNormalKill 30 enemies with the Ripper. 
PusherBronzeNormalKill 30 enemies with the Force Gun. 
Live with the Hot OnesBronzeNormalKill 30 enemies with the Flamethrower.
AutofireBronzeNormalKill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle. 
EvisceratorBronzeNormalKill 30 enemies with the Line Gun. 
WishboneBronzeNormalRip off a dangling limb using Kinesis.
Raise the StakesBronzeNormalPin an enemy. 
BackbreakerBronzeNormalKill 10 enemies with a stomp attack. 

Dead Space Remake Hidden Achievements

The 9 hidden trophies in Dead Space Remake can be obtained in the following ways.

Be careful that each hidden trophy’s description contains some spoilers.

Fortunately, as you go in your adventure, you’ll automatically get most of these awards. There are some, though, that you must either accomplish a specific mission or unique achievement in order to obtain.

Front Toward EnemyBronzeHiddenSurvive the Shooting Gallery.
There’s Always Peng!BronzeNormalFind the Peng Treasure.
Z-BallerBronzeHiddenComplete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball.
Full ClearanceSilverHiddenCreate the Master Security Override.
Brute ForceBronzeHiddenKill a Brute.
ExterminatorBronzeHiddenKill the Leviathan.
Get Off My Ship!BronzeHiddenKill the Leviathan Remnant. 
Mindless PreyBronzeHiddenKill the Hive Mind. 
MarkedBronzeHiddenPick up a Marker Fragment for the first time. 
ReunionSilverHiddenSee the alternative ending on any difficulty mode.

Dead Space Remake Removed Achievements & Trophies

ArmstrongBronzeRemovedShoot 50 objects using Kinesis.
ButcherBronzeRemovedDismember 1000 Limbs.
CrackshotBronzeRemovedAchieve a perfect score in the Shooting Gallery.
Air AlertBronzeRemovedZero-G Jump over 100 times.
BrawlerBronzeRemovedKill at least 30 enemies with a melee attack.
Ragdoll CheckBronzeRemovedForce an enemy into a Gravity Panel 5 times.
Big SpenderBronzeRemovedSpend 300,000 credits at the store.
Tool TimeBronzeRemovedKill 30 enemies with the Plasma Cutter.
Playing CatchBronzeRemovedCatch a Brute or Leviathan Pod using Kinesis.
Don’t get cocky, kidBronzeRemovedSurvive the ADS Cannon with over 50% shield strength remaining.
Kickin’ itBronzeRemovedEscape from a Lurker’s grab attack 10 times.
SluggerBronzeRemovedKill the Slus Boss with more than 50% shield strength remaining.
SurvivorSilverRemovedComplete the game on any difficulty setting.

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