Uncovering the Hidden Achievements in Age of Wonders 4

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Age of Wonders 4 is a turn-based fantasy strategy game filled with epic battles, magical creatures, and challenging gameplay. Along with the main campaign and skirmish modes, the game also contains dozens of hidden achievements for players to unlock. These secret achievements reward dedicated Age of Wonders fans who explore every corner of the game.

What are Age of Wonders 4 Hidden Achievements?

Hidden achievements in Age of Wonders 4 are accomplishments that do not appear on the in-game achievement list. They are often more difficult or obscure than the standard achievements. Unlocking a hidden achievement will not provide an in-game notification, but will still increment the player’s total achievement score.

Players will need to rely on external achievement databases and discussion boards to find information on how to unlock these hidden gems. Dedicated achievement hunters love the challenge of discovering them through experimentation. Hidden achievements add an extra layer of depth and longevity for experienced Age of Wonders 4 players.

Locating and Unlocking Age of Wonders 4 Hidden Achievements Hidden Achievements

The easiest way to unveil hidden achievements is to browse achievement hunting websites and forums. There are detailed guides that explain the obscurities of each obscure accomplishment. They provide valuable insight into unlocking some of Age of Wonders 4’s rarest trophies.

However, researching achievements can spoil the satisfaction of discovering them naturally. Players who want to unlock hidden achievements authentically will need to fully explore Age of Wonders 4’s many mechanics and gameplay features.

Here are some tips for locating hidden achievements organically:

  • Test the impact of every spell, skill, and ability. Use them in unconventional ways to see if they trigger secret events.
  • Beat campaign maps and scenarios under special conditions like within a certain turn limit or without losing any heroes.
  • Max out happiness in your cities and research every upgrade branch.
  • Explore every corner of the map, interact with unique objects, and uncover secrets.
  • Experiment with diplomacy features to trigger cutscenes and conversations.

With meticulous testing and experimentation, dedicated players can slowly reveal Age of Wonders 4’s many buried trophies.

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Age of Wonders 4 Trophy Guide

Story Achievements

  • Chapter Master – Complete the main campaign
  • All Sides of the Coin – Unlock all possible campaign endings
  • Impossibly Possible – Complete the campaign on Impossible difficulty

Skirmish & Multiplayer Achievements

  • Competitive Spirit – Win a multiplayer match
  • Architect – Build 100 structures in skirmish/multiplayer
  • Alchemist – Research 100 upgrades in skirmish/multiplayer
  • Master Strategist – Win on all victory conditions

Hidden Achievements

  • Pure Annihilation – Cast a max charged super spell
  • Legends in the Making – Get 6 heroes to level 20
  • Dimensional Dilettante – Construct the Meridian wonder
  • Assassin – Kill a hero with covert action
  • Creature Comforts – Fully upgrade dwelling to level 5

Unit Achievements

  • Dragon Rider – Create a dragon unit
  • Roc Rider – Create a roc unit
  • Arch-Lich – Create a lich unit
  • Druid King – Create an ancient treant
  • Angelic Wrath – Create a seraph unit

Resource & Research Achievements

  • Gold Digger – Collect over 200,000 gold
  • You Require More Vespene Gas – Overflow mana supply
  • The Great Library – Research all Knowledge Advancements
  • Forge Master – Research all Forge Improvements

There are 50 achievements total worth 1,165 Gamerscore to unlock in the base game and DLC.

FAQs About Age of Wonders 4 Hidden Achievements Hidden Achievements

How many hidden achievements are there in Age of Wonders 4?

There are approximately 15-20 hidden achievements that do not display in-game. The exact number is uncertain because more could be undiscovered.

Do hidden achievements give achievement points?

Yes, unlocking a hidden achievement still contributes to your total achievement points, even though it does not notify you in-game.

Are hidden achievements required for 100% completion?

Technically no, since they are not on the in-game achievement list. However, unlocking all hidden achievements is generally considered part of “true” 100% completion for achievement hunters.

Do the campaigns or skirmish modes have more hidden achievements?

Most hidden achievements are unlocked through campaign modes. Skirmish mode does not have as many opportunities for hidden trophies.

Can you disable hidden achievements?

No, there is no way to disable or turn off hidden achievements built into the game. You can choose to ignore them, but they will remain active.

Final Words

Hidden achievements are a treat for Age of Wonders fans who want an extra challenge. Casual players may overlook them, but they offer exciting goals for completionists and achievement hunters. Uncovering them requires exhaustively testing the game’s limits and thoroughly exploring every possibility. The payoff is unlocking some of Age of Wonders 4’s most obscure and coveted trophies. Just be prepared to spend many hours mastering the game’s mechanics in your quest to unveil each hidden gem.

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