Hogwarts Legacy Chapters List: All Quest

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Hogwarts Legacy features an expansive RPG campaign set in the Wizarding World. The story is divided into main chapters that take players through their first year at Hogwarts. Here are all the main story missions:

Hogwarts Legacy has 43 main story missions to complete. This includes all chapters from your acceptance to Hogwarts through the final climactic quest. There is also one additional House Cup mission that unlocks in the post-game after reaching level 34.

Players can tackle side quests and additional activities at their own pace alongside the main missions. It’s not necessary to rush to complete every side objective as they appear in the story chapters. The world remains open after finishing the main questline, so any unfinished content can be revisited and completed while hunting for collectibles in the post-game.

Taking your time to fully explore the wizarding world and side adventures is encouraged. With 43 substantial main quests and countless side activities, Hogwarts Legacy promises an immersive RPG experience for Harry Potter fans to savor.

Hogwarts Legacy Chapters List

Prepare to be enchanted as we dive into the mesmerizing chapters of Hogwarts Legacy. Each chapter brings a unique blend of magic and adventure, allowing players to experience the wizarding world like never before.


  • The Letter – Receive your Hogwarts acceptance letter and meet Professor Fig

Chapter 1 – Welcome to Hogwarts

  • Orientation – Attend the sorting ceremony and explore Hogwarts
  • Potions Class – Complete your first potions lesson
  • Reunion – Find Sebastian and join him for the feast

Chapter 2 – Developing Darkness

  • Charms Class – Learn Wingardium Leviosa in Charms class
  • Danger in the Dark – Investigate strange activity around the castle
  • Echoes of the Past – Learn more about your family’s mysterious heritage

Chapter 3 – Field Trips & Other Adventures

  • Herbology Field Trip – Gather potion ingredients with Neville in the greenhouses
  • Detention Duty – Serve detention with Hagrid in the Forbidden Forest
  • Trouble Brewing – Sneak out to Hogsmeade through a secret passage

Chapter 4 – Belonging at Hogwarts

  • Transfiguration – Transform objects in Transfiguration with Professor Weasley
  • Quidditch Tryouts – Compete to join your house’s Quidditch team
  • High Stakes – Play in your first Quidditch match against rival houses

Chapter 5 – The Path Forward

  • Divination – Glimpse the future in a Divination class lesson
  • The Vault Portrait – Discover a clue about Merlin in the headmaster’s office
  • Vision of the Past – Experience Merlin’s memories inside a magical vault

Chapter 6 – OWL Preparations

  • OWLs Study Session – Prepare for exams with fellow fifth years
  • Flying Lessons – Learn to fly on broomsticks with Madam Hooch
  • OWL Exams – Complete your wizarding qualification exams

Chapter 7 – Summer Adventure

  • Florence Escape Room – Solve magical puzzles and escape a room
  • Curse Breaking – Remove dark curses from ancient ruins
  • Broome’s Mystery – Search for a missing wizard in Croatia

Final Quest – The Sibylline Trials

  • Face the Trial of Knowledge
  • Navigate the Trial of Teamwork
  • Overcome the Trial of Strength

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FAQ About Hogwarts Legacy’s Chapters

How many chapters are in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are 9 total chapters including the intro and final quest. The main 7 chapters each center on a theme and contain multiple missions.

Do the chapters take you through all 7 years at Hogwarts?

No, Hogwarts Legacy only covers your first year at Hogwarts over its 25+ hours of story content and chapters.

What order do the chapters go in?

The chapters take you through a chronological first year at Hogwarts. They begin with orientation, classes, Quidditch, and exams before summer adventures and final quests.

Can you replay chapters and missions?

Yes, after completing the story you can replay favorite chapters and missions individually through the main menu.

Is there content after finishing all chapters?

The game opens up new challenges like high level dungeons after the story ends. You can also complete remaining side quests and activities.

Final Thoughts on Hogwarts Legacy’s Magical Chapters

Hogwarts Legacy crafts an enchanting Harry Potter experience through its story chapters. Each chapter provides memorable missions that capture the excitement of being a first year student. You’ll make friends, master spells, brew potions, play Quidditch, and much more on this unforgettable Hogwarts adventure. The chapters create a cohesive narrative that remains faithful to the Wizarding World while allowing you to live out your magical dreams.

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