Where Erdleaf Flowers can be Found


Elden Ring’s Erdleaf Flower is a priceless crafting material. When two Erdleaf Flowers are combined, a Furlcalling Finger Remedy is created, which may be used to summon another player into their world for co-op multiplayer. After the planet’s owner beats one of the numerous bosses, all players who have joined will be returned to their world. However, players can run out of Elden Ring’s Erdleaf Flower, preventing them from summoning more help.

Thankfully, there is only one excellent location to locate ingredients for Furlcalling Finger Remedy. The Foot of the Four Belfries grace point, situated at the western end of Liurnia of the Lakes, is the ideal location to grow Erdleaf Flowers in Elden Ring. There will be four Erdleaf Flowers around if you’ve attained the grace. Get them all up quickly, take a seat at the grace, and they will reappear. Repeat this procedure until you have enough Erdleaf Flower.

The most incredible farming locations for Erdleaf Flower are crucial to know if you want a constant multiplayer experience. Here is where you can farm the Elden Ring Erdleaf Flower.

Best Place for Elder Ring Farm Erdleaf Flower

Interestingly, farming the Erdleaf flower in Elden Ring is pretty straightforward. You can farm several Erdleaf flowers in a short period in a total of 4 locations. Also, most of these regions are unmarked by enemies, so you must go there and look around.

Four Belfries

If you want to farm Erdleaf Flower without travelling from one location to another, the Four Belfries in the Limgrave region is your best bet. Farming is so simple here that you only need to move around the Site of Grace to collect four Erdleaf Flowers.

Begin your collection by moving left towards the cliff to collect three Erdleaf flowers, then right next to the tower near the blue lily flowers to collect one.

Agheel Lake North

Another exciting location for Erdleaf Flower farming in Elden Ring is next to the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. You can fast-travel here and then take a few steps east toward the cliff.

You must enter a small area surrounded by stone swords. This site allows you to add three more Erdleaf Flowers to your inventory.

Castle Morne Rampart

Those who don’t want to get into trouble can ride their mount between the two Sites of Grace to farm 5 Elder Ring Farm Erdleaf Flower.

The instructions are straightforward: ride from one location to another while passing through the yellowish-looking flowers on the ground.

To the South of the Lookout Tower

Erdleaf Flower’s final farming location in Elden Ring is near the Bridge of Sacrifice. It would help if you moved down the cliff from the Site of Grace to collect the Erdleaf Flowers. One flower can be found here, and the other can be obtained by riding to the top of the cliff.

In this location, you can farm up to three Erdleaf Flowers. These will be numerous, but Site of Grace’s benefit makes farming much easier.

Other Locations Where Elder Ring Farm Erdleaf Flower can be Found

  • The Erdleaf flower can be found inside the Callu Baptismal Church.
  • Look for these flowers near the Pilgrim Church.
  • These flowers can be found on the Weeping Peninsula, southwest of Limgrave.
  • Several Erdleaf flowers can be found southeast of the Church of Vows in Liurnia of Lakes.
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How to Apply the Furlcalling Finger Remedy

When you create a multiplayer lobby in Elden Ring, you can have up to three friends in the same world simultaneously. This includes the player (who owns the world in which the game is currently being played) and two more. To enter this world, players must use the Tarnished Furled Finger, unlocked near the game’s beginning. This will leave a summon sign on the ground that other players can see if they use a Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

Interacting with this sign will transport the second player to this new world. Elden Ring is best played with friends because it makes the game more accessible and enjoyable. Those who visit worlds will not lose their Runes when they die, making it a straightforward way to obtain them quickly and with minimal effort. Almost every boss in the game can also be faced with friends. Those struggling to defeat Radahn or one of the other dangerous enemies in Elden Ring can call in a friend once they have finished farming Erdleaf Flowers.

Is it Possible to Respawn Erdleaf Flowers in Elden Ring?

Yes, they do, in a nutshell! Erdleaf Flowers will respawn in Elden Ring whenever you rest at the Site of Grace.

Furthermore, all the farming sites mentioned above are located near various Grace Sites. After picking the flowers, rest at the location, and the Erdleaf Flower will respawn in Elden Ring.

You can farm tonnes of Erdleaf Flowers in a matter of minutes, but remember that the maximum number of Erdleaf Flowers you can hold in Elden Ring is 999.

You can even sell these flowers for 10 Runes to clear some space and earn some runes.

Furthermore, the Erdleaf Flower is used in the creation of the following items:

  • Grace Mimic
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • Warming Stone


  • You have a capacity of 999 Erdleaf Flowers.
  • You can store up to 999 Erdleaf Flowers.
  • Selling value: 10