Merge Girls Tier List (Updated 2023) All Characters Ranked

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Welcome to the Merge Girls tier list! In this article, we will explore the rankings of the diverse cast of characters in Merge Girls, an AFK Idle RPG gacha game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this tier list will help you make informed decisions and optimize your team.

Merge Girls is a gacha game set in the Kingdom of Altrion, offering an immersive gaming experience focused on merging characters. Your goal is to lead a team of charming girls, embark on adventures, restore peace, and face off against monsters from mysterious portals.

In this gacha game, you’ll encounter a wide range of characters, each with unique abilities and roles. Understanding their relative power levels is crucial for success. That’s where our Merge Girls Idle RPG tier list comes in handy.

We’ve organized the characters into five different ranks: S, A, B, C, and D. Each rank signifies a specific level of strength and utility in the game. Characters in the S rank are the top-tier choices, featuring exceptional power, versatility, and unique abilities. On the other hand, the D rank includes characters who may require more investment or have limited effectiveness compared to others.

Merge Girls Tier List Explained

The Merge Girls tier list is a ranking of all characters in the game based on their overall strength and performance in all game modes. The list is divided into five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. Characters in the S tier are the most powerful and versatile characters in the game, while characters in the D tier are the least powerful.

The tier list is based on a variety of factors, including each character’s stats, abilities, synergies with other characters, and overall performance in different game modes. The tier list is just a general guideline, and the best team for you will depend on your playstyle and the specific game mode you are playing.

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Here is a brief explanation of each tier:

S Rank:

  • Description: These are the cream of the crop, the most powerful and versatile characters in Merge Girls.
  • Characteristics: S-rank characters possess exceptional abilities, high stats, and unique skills that make them stand out in various game modes.
  • Usage: You should prioritize using and investing in S-rank characters, as they can significantly boost your team’s performance and make progression easier.

A Rank:

  • Description: A-rank characters are strong and valuable additions to your team.
  • Characteristics: They may not be as overpowering as S-rank characters, but they bring reliable skills and decent stats to the table.
  • Usage: A-rank characters are solid choices for your team composition and can be used effectively in different game scenarios.

B Rank:

  • Description: These characters have moderate strength and utility.
  • Characteristics: B-rank characters may lack the uniqueness or power of higher-ranked ones, but they can still contribute positively to your team.
  • Usage: Consider using B-rank characters if you need access to higher-ranked options or if they complement your team composition.

C Rank:

  • Description: C-rank characters are on the lower end in terms of strength and utility.
  • Characteristics: They may require more investment and effort to be effective, and their abilities might not stand out.
  • Usage: While not the best choices, C-rank characters can still be used in certain situations or early stages of the game until you acquire stronger characters.

D Rank:

  • Description: D-rank characters are the least powerful and have limited effectiveness.
  • Characteristics: They often lack the necessary stats or abilities to make a significant impact in battles.
  • Usage: It’s advisable to avoid using D-rank characters whenever possible, as they might hinder your progress.

Merge Girls characters tier list from S tier to D tier:

S Tier – The Best (Pinnacle of power and versatility):

  • Aisha
  • Amethyst
  • Hana
  • Priscila
  • Heida
  • Clara
  • Adela
  • Elly
  • Meilin
  • Aria
  • Selena
  • Hilda
  • Dorothy
  • Emerald
  • Capt. J
  • Veronika

A Tier – Formidable Choices (Excel in various aspects of gameplay):

  • Edelweiss
  • Crona
  • Isis Moving Stone
  • Baal
  • Noel
  • Alice
  • Alisa
  • Dana
  • Maurice
  • Dr. Hela
  • Charis
  • Aurora
  • Sherrie
  • Nana
  • Rebecca

B Tier – Solid and Balanced (Well-rounded capabilities):

  • Shielder – Phy
  • Neya
  • Lilith
  • Milla
  • Shannie
  • Fuuka
  • Blair
  • Thea

C Tier – Average Performers (Serviceable options, may require more effort):

  • Garnet
  • Lua
  • Monk – Phy
  • Spearman – Phy

D Tier – Suboptimal Choices (Generally considered less effective):

  • Archer – Phy
  • Shielder – Mag
  • Spearman – Mag
  • Archer – Mag
  • Monk – Mag

Merge Girls Tier List – Final Words

The Merge Girls tier list is a valuable resource for players of all levels, providing guidance on the best characters to use and how to build a strong team. The tier list is based on a variety of factors, including base stats, skills, synergies, and usability.

The tier list is just a general guideline. The best team for you will depend on your playstyle and the specific game mode you are playing. For example, if you are new to the game, you should focus on building a team of S and A-tier characters. Once you have a solid foundation, you can start to experiment with different team compositions and strategies.

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Merge Girls Tier List FAQ

Merge Girls Tips for Better Gameplay

Tips for better gameplay in Merge Girls:

  • Upgrade your characters regularly. This is the most important thing you can do to improve your team’s strength. The higher your characters’ levels, the more damage they can deal with and the more health they will have.
  • Use your resources wisely. Save your resources on upgrading characters that you won’t be using on your main team. Instead, focus on upgrading your best characters first.
  • Build a team with a good balance of damage and defense. It would be best if you had a good mix of characters that can deal damage and characters that can take damage. This will help you to win battles more easily.
  • Use your characters’ skills wisely. Each character has a unique skill that can be used to deal damage, heal allies, or buff your team. Make sure to use these skills at the right time to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Feel free to experiment with different team compositions. There is no one right way to build a team in Merge Girls. Experiment with other characters and team compositions to find what works best for you.
  • Resource Management: Manage your in-game resources wisely. Make sure to spend on characters that may fit your long-term strategy. Save premium currency for important summons or events.
  • Join a Guild: If the game has a guild or alliance system, consider joining one. Guilds offer various benefits, including shared resources, guild battles, and social interaction with other players.
  • Daily Logins: Log in daily to collect login rewards. These rewards often include valuable items and currency.
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on in-game news and announcements. Game developers often provide information about updates, events, and promotions that can benefit you.
  • PvP Strategy: If the game has a PvP (Player vs. Player) mode, focus on developing a strong team for competitive play. Study opponents’ strategies and adapt yours accordingly.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Focus on building a team of SSR and SR characters. SSR and SR characters are the most powerful characters in the game, so you should focus on building a team of these characters first.
  • Use your soul links wisely. Soul links allow you to combine two characters into a single, more powerful character. Choose your soul links carefully to create the strongest possible team.
  • Participate in all of the game’s events. Events are a great way to earn rewards, such as new characters, soul links, and other resources.
  • Join a guild. Guilds offer a number of benefits, such as access to guild shops and guild wars.

How Did We Pick Our Merge Girls Tier List?

We used a combination of the following factors when deciding on our Merge Girls tier list:

  • Personal experience
  • Community feedback
  • The consensus from other lists

It’s worth noting that tier lists can be subjective. The information is based on our own experience playing Merge Girls. However, your experience could be different. You should take this information with some salt and go out and play Merge Girls to test it out for yourself.

How Frequently Do We Update Our Merge Girls Tier List?

We update this tier list on a regular basis to ensure that it always reflects the most recent meta. Typically, you can expect an update in response to the following events:

  • A new weapon has been released.
  • Balance changes

There may be a slight delay between the above two occurrences when we return to the game to test out the new character or assess how the balance updates have altered things.

Can I succeed in Merge Girls if I have yet to have any top-tier characters?

Absolutely! Merge Girls has a diverse cast of people, and success isn’t just determined by having the highest-ranked units. Strategy, team cohesion, and proper ability use can all have a significant impact on your results. Accept the challenge and experiment with various character combinations to find your road to victory.

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