50+ Pain (Nagato) Quotes Naruto

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Naruto is full of powerful quotations and philosophies, considering the series is composed of crucial elements of growing up, making it a vital part of many of our earliest experiences. Certain characters from Naruto can always offer something important, whether it’s the refreshing yet sane tips from Itachi or the lessons learned from Jiraiya.

Naruto is a popular series that has numerous excellent characters. Nagato Uzumaki, also called Pain, is among the most well-known characters. The character who is the leader of Akatsuki is widely recognized as one of the most powerful antagonists of the series, and his personality, his commentary on the sociopolitical facets of Naruto as well as his relationship with other characters such as Jiraiya and Naruto makes him more appealing.

Pain is an extremely powerful antagonist in the show and is a great antagonist. He had many memorable moments that affirmed his position and included a variety of quotes that were an effect and, in a sense, an impact on the plot.

Best quotes by Pain in Naruto

  1. “All the pain forced me to grow up”
Best quotes by Pain in Naruto

Nagato Uzumaki was a village near Amegakure resident young and lost his entire family to the war as collateral injury. This quote starkly reflects that loss and how it shaped his father’s character later in life.

Naturally, the loss of Yahiko later on in his life is a further example of how his pain shaped him and how he could use it to harm the world. The line is a summary of Nagato’s story and motives.

2. “No matter how pathetic the reason, it’s enough to start a war”

The most intriguing aspect of Pain as a Person is that it enabled the author Masashi Kishimoto to delve further into Naruto’s universe and the effect that war has on the weak.

Pain is very open about his philosophy and says humans don’t need a compelling reason to begin a war.

About the story and Pain’s point of view, the quote is not about the legitimacy of the whole war. However, it is about pointing out that people are the ones who create conflicts for the smallest of motives.

This is a statement that has lots of truth and challenges the conventional wisdom of the tale.

3. “Even The Most Ignorant, Innocent Child Will Eventually Grow Up.”

quotes by Pain in Naruto

Pain knows the harsh realities of growing older and that kids are sometimes forced to become adults and mature much too quickly. The Pain was not blessed with an idyllic childhood. His parents were killed in his face during the conflict. This tragic event causes him to flee home and fend for himself.

Pain states, “Even the most inexperienced, innocent child can develop into a mature person when they realize what Pain means. It impacts their words, what they think…and they develop into real people.” -” Pain has experienced this.

4. Just because you understand them doesn’t mean you can come to an agreement, That’s the truth.”

Just because you understand their viewpoint doesn’t mean you have to agree with it. Even if you can see where they’re coming from, you don’t have to agree with all they say.

5. “Vengeance is the product of that hate and so death follows, But in death there is only more death.”

quotes by Pain in Naruto

Hatred is always the motivation behind vengeance. And only violence comes from seeking revenge. Violence only breeds more violence, and the spiral of death never ends. We will only break the cycle of hatred and suffering by placing humanity above all else.

6. “Justice comes from vengeance but justice only breeds more vengeance.”

Taking revenge increases the obligations. It’s been satisfying for a short while, but nothing has changed. By travelling across time, you cannot alter the path of history.

7. “Love is the reason why there is pain. When we lose someone precious to us, hate is born”

It’s no secret to those who love Naruto that Nagato experienced a difficult childhood. His childhood was characterized by loss, tragedy, and, of course, lots of suffering. Kishimoto always attempted to make his adversaries feel like he was a friend and did it by incorporating Nagato’s background story.

The loss of Yahiko, the very kind friend who encouraged him to continue pushing forward with his life, was a moment that truly defined his personality and all the anger and resentment he had begun to pour out, as is evident in this quote.

In terms of influence, this quote is a good summary of his motives to change Akatsuki and to transform into Pain.

8. “Pain Is The Only Way To Teach, Pain Is The Only Solution To Peace. If You Want To Know Pain, You Need To Understand Pain.”

Best quotes by Pain in Naruto

For Pain, The only real answer to our world’s challenges of war, death and hatred is to create the most pain possible. For him, the only way to understand each other is to be aware of and comprehend the pain of others. If everyone lives with the awareness of each one’s pain, they will have a lower chance of causing injury to one another.

9. “If you don’t share the pain with someone, you will never understand the pain.”

You must first suffer your sadness before truly understanding another person’s. People are so different from one another, and their experiences are so unique and varied that one person can’t fully put themselves in another person’s shoes.

10. When I Had Nothing And No One, I Always Had Pain.”

quotes by Pain in Naruto

Sure, being in a relationship with people and being a part of an ideal lifestyle, a family, or friends can be a source of sadness when these things are removed from your life. Everyone suffers regardless of whether they are involved in these kinds of relationships. Being on your own is difficult on its own.

11. “Pain Will Give Rise To Momentary Peace.”

Although many of his actions are wrong, His thoughts about suffering are quite instructive and can prove helpful in the real world. It’s difficult to conquer something without confronting it head-on. People instinctively avoid it. However, Pain endured so much pain that he’s gotten immune to it.

Pain brutally inflicts pain and suffering on others and slyly tells them they should embrace it. To say to people to disregard the devastation and death caused by him is insensitive, to put it mildly. However, Pain believes he is teaching people.

12. “We are just ordinary people driven to revenge in the name of justice”

quotes by Pain in Naruto

This quote alone is a good description of the character of Akatsuki and the motivations behind the characters like Pain and Konan to move forward within Naruto. Naruto series. It’s important to highlight this because they are different backgrounds compared to other group members.

The majority of Akatsuki were once ninjas of top quality. They were orphans who were trained by Jiraiya so that they could make a difference in their lives. They were left with only one other thing to do. In many ways, the world wounded them and decided to do the same for others.

It is among those quotations that can be ignored easily; however, at an additional look, it could reveal the motivations behind their actions and how they perceive society as a hostile place.

13. “I want you to feel the pain, think about pain, know the pain and accept pain”

quotes by Pain in Naruto

He does not intend for anyone to think of suffering to link it to what others feel. He would like everyone to feel the pain that he believes the entire world can be responsible for inflicting upon each other to understand that it is an aspect of life.

14. “Just by living, people hurt others without even realizing it”

The significance of this quote isn’t as much about the tale of Naruto. However, it is more about the philosophy of Pain about life, which borders on the nihilists. As a man who is consumed by tragedy and well Pain, Nagato has become a person who is unable to look beyond the problems in the world and, as a result, does not allow him to appreciate the different hues of grey that makeup humanity.

Nagato believes that Pain is the only permanent aspect of human existence and humanity. While it’s true that every single living thing could exist without experiencing Pain at some point, there’s a lot more to it. And that is the root of his battle with Naruto.

15. “If You Kill People, You Shall Be Killed. Hatred Brings About This Cause And Effect.”

quotes by Pain in Naruto

Pain recognizes that generally speaking, people’s notion of justice is a means for them to feel better over other people. When peace is in the air, people are likely to put themselves on the pedestal and claim credit for ending the war, even though they were the ones who committed the most horrific crimes.

Everybody is always searching for their ideals of justice, including Naruto’s most powerful characters. Pain recognizes this idea at a fundamental level since he has nothing to lose. A single desire for revenge no longer enslaves him. The pain feels at one with any person who has hurt him in the way he did.

16. “Feel Pain, Contemplate Pain, Accept Pain, Know Pain.”

The Pain of humanity wants to change by forcing people to accept their fears, suffering and darkness. Nobody can fully understand loss if they haven’t experienced it. While his thoughts aren’t right, his methods are more than suspect until his death.

The Pain doesn’t mind being the cause of everyone’s Pain because he believes that everyone needs to experience it to develop. In the end, Pain communicates that to get beyond their struggles, and one must go through it, be with it, and then learn from it.

17. “Love breeds sacrifice, which in turn breeds hatred. Then you can know pain”

It’s essentially a Yoda quote but a very good one. These words described Nagato’s thinking method when he was the chief of Akatsuki and how he considered society a way to disaster, further making clear how the difficulties his life was undergoing during his childhood played an important influence on who he was.

Although not directly connected to the battle, the battle highlights his philosophies with those of Jiraiya, his mentor.

Jiraiya enjoys life and is passionate about it regardless of the various hardships he has been forced to endure, and this is in stark contrast to his former student, who was obsessed with the darkest aspects of himself.

18. “If You Want To Know Pain, You Must Understand Pain.”

19. “If You Don’t Share Someone’s Pain, You Can Never Understand Them.”

The Pain of life is his mission to cause suffering and Pain. He considers himself the ultimate authority on truth and believes that he alone can bring the world back to its rightful place. The erroneous attempt to impart his faulty wisdom will only get the same suffering he suffered most throughout his lifetime.

Instead of awaiting the next war, Pain decides to cause havoc in the Hidden Villages to guarantee his view of what is right. Although there is a truth to the concept of understanding through shared experiences forcing them to experience those experiences is not a good idea.

20. “We act according to our own sense of justice”

quotes by Pain in Naruto

Nagato, in a messed up way, believes to be doing the right thing. Naruto is filled with characters with many different points of view, and Nagato feels to be doing justice, which makes him a very compelling villain.

Pain believes he is executing justice to a broken shinobi system that has hurt the weak for far too long and wants to avenge those that have caused so much suffering.

It is a valid criticism of how ninjas in Naruto have done things for generations, although he goes about it clearly wrong.

21. “Too Many People Have Died Here. Their Pain Is What Helped Me Grow Up.”

Before he was Pain before that, he was Nagato. Nagato had lost everything and anyone he had ever loved, except for Konan, among Naruto’s most beautiful female characters. To Pain, his love for his family, village, and Yahiko led to his grief.

It was a loss to everything. Pain loved a lot, shook his heart. He did not have to worry about Pain or loss. Death was a normal part of his life. Tragically, Nagato’s frequent unlucky circumstances have caused him to feel an unnatural kinship with Pain. Loss, anger and suffering are the most common emotions for Nagato.

22. “The World Will Know Real Pain.”

Pain often says that he wants the world to experience the Pain. Pain believes “the anxiety triggered by suffering will stop conflicts.” Ironically, Pain wants to see a world with “stability and peace”; however, his tactics are brutal and inhumane. He will enact years of misery and suffering since he believes peace will eventually be achieved.

But, Pain also asserts that this peace is only temporary and that fighting will reoccur; however, the peace can be restored. Pain dreams about the possibility of an “endless cycle of violence”, leading to periodic moments of Pain. That’s exactly the message he was trying to convey in his speech just before his battle against Naruto.

23. “In attendance… the Six Paths of Pain”

The quote made a huge impact beyond the show. In the episode, Nagato fought Jiraiya when he released The Six Paths of Pain; after months of speculations and debates in the fandom regarding who he was, it was an event that caused a stir in the manga and anime community.

It’s a product from its time in that the story was a bit dated and has lost much of its significance throughout the years, especially considering Naruto’s popularity as a series. However, at the moment, it was a shocker that established Pain as one of the most terrifying characters in the Naruto series.

24. “Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace”

This statement’s impact is important because it outlines the person Pain is in his character and his role as a leader for Atkasuki. He is a man who is overwhelmed by suffering, war and loss. This starkly contrasts Naruto, who has risen above every hardship he’s been through.

This is significant because Nagato is considered one of the show’s numerous Naruto characters. However, this time, he’s also a character that challenges the protagonist’s beliefs and worldviews, even though Kishimoto still needs to develop the concept fully. But it helps comprehend the reason. Pain behaves the way he does.

25. “Things I Couldn’t See When I Was Human Are Clear To Me Now That I Am A God.”

Pain believes that because of “never-ending suffering,” he has advanced beyond human comprehension. When Jiraiya wants to know from Pain his thoughts about letting go of friendships, Pain states that Jiraiya is “still just a human being.” He smears human emotions and proclaims himself to be God — claiming that “words and thoughts are absolute.”

Pain can ignore his sensei’s appeals since the belief that Jiraiya doesn’t understand the message he’s trying to convey His mortality hinders him from fully comprehending the self-proclaimed Godhood. If Pain decides to build a “war-torn world”, He convinces himself this is the work of God and believes that there are “things Pain can accomplish that man is unable to do.” Pain fools himself into believing that the God of peace is “the goddess of peace” and that destruction can be the sole way to develop the world.

26. “Religion, ideology, resources, land, spite, love or just because, No matter how pathetic the reason, it’s enough to start a war.”

War is never conducted for noble motives. They were fought solely to establish the upper hand, gain the upper hand, or acquire properties; all done because of selfish motives. No matter the reason behind a dispute, it’s not enough to justify the pain the conflict causes.

27. If there is justice in revenge, then that same justice will breed only more revenge and trigger a cycle of hatred.”

Retribution is not a good choice. What you had previously resisted and led you to pursue revenge isn’t gone away. It’s still there. It’s only going to worsen the situation. Let go of your worries.

Pain Naruto Quotes on Human Nature

28. “How can you say that you will never change? That you will not change, no matter how great the pain you face? Can you continue believing in yourself forever? Can you guarantee it? Can you have such faith in yourself?!” – Pain

The experience of suffering and suffering shapes the people we meet. When we experience pain, help us grow and strengthen. All of us need to change our ways and reinvent our lives in the face of immense suffering.

29. “Human nature pursues strife.” – Pain

Humans are born with the desire to be involved in conflicts. We all are drawn to violence and revenge. It is intrinsically linked to our human nature.

30. “I shall believe in you… Naruto Uzumaki…”

The Pain was an incredible character In Naruto as he performed his job well, taking down Konoha and pushing young Uzumaki to the limits of his abilities. Although those final moments of his life, in which his redemption was complete, are highly controversial.

The story has been seen as untrue, revealing many plot flaws and being unworthy of the character he has throughout the narrative.

Nagato’s final thoughts were part of why he chose to die to bring back every one of the victims of his assault on Konoha. People such as Kakashi are so crucial in the story that they receive another chance to live even though they have bad writing.

In terms of influence on the plot, This is the most important quote from Nagato as the character.

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Pain Naruto Quotes on Understanding the Nature

31. “Feel pain, think about pain, accept pain, know pain… Shinra Tensei!” – Pain

32. “Do you understand pain a little now? If you don’t share someone’s pain, you can never understand them

The characters all have personal issues that they decide to share with other characters but, at different times, deep inside themselves. Sharing his pain and understanding what causes hurt to others is part of Naruto’s story.

33. “But just because you understand them doesn’t mean you can come to an agreement. That’s the truth.” – Pain

34. “Sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain because life’s greatest lessons are learned through pain.” – Pain

It is impossible to learn by doing everything right all the time. People learn through their mistakes and things that cause them pain. They develop as they understand what they must do to avoid suffering the same pain in the future.

35. “Learn to embrace the fear of feeling about what it’s like to contemplate what it is to know true pain.” – Pain

quotes by Pain in Naruto

We become courageous because we’ve experienced pain. A feeling of pleasure can make you feel depressed, but suffering allows you to empathise with others because you truly understand what it’s like in the most dire circumstances. In the end, you can give more or ask for less.

36. “Too many people have died here, their pain is what helped me grow up.” – Pain

quotes by Pain in Naruto

The existence of pain is a fact. It’s a natural element of life, and there’s no way to stop it. To comprehend and get yourself in a better place, you must completely feel every aspect of your life. Ultimately, the pain you go through can help you grow stronger.

Pain Naruto Quotes About Justice and War.

37. “We are but men, drawn to act in the name of revenge that we deem to be justice. 

Pain Naruto Quotes

It’s easy for people to confuse revenge with justice. When someone wrongs us, we’re enticed to seek revenge in the simplest manner possible. It is in this regard that we could be more successful. We think that vengeance will provide us with justice. The reality is that vengeance is the opposite of justice.

38. But… if there is justice in revenge then that same justice will breed only more revenge… and trigger a cycle of hatred.” – Pain

39. “Justice comes from vengeance, but that justice only breeds more vengeance.” – Pain

Pain Naruto Quotes

40. “Religion, ideology, resources, land, spite, love or just because. No matter how pathetic the reason, it’s enough to start a war.” – Pain

41. “Sometimes, You Must Hurt In Order To Know”

42. “This Hatred Binds Us Together”

43. “Let me ask you this: How will you confront this hatred in order to create peace?” – Pain

Bigotry and hatred are prevalent throughout the globe. This means that peace is the only option, given the difficulty of beating the prevailing hostility. The amount of hate that is a part of the world is too overwhelming to conquer.

44. “Dying like trash, Never ending hatred, Pain that never heals, That is war, This is what we must face.” – Pain

Pain Naruto Quotes

The emotional trauma caused by war can’t be fixed. It is a stressful and risky affair. It impartially destroys lives, regardless of who is victorious or loser. The result is that the only thing left are grief, pain and a sense of savagery.

Pain Naruto Quotes on the Transitory Nature of Peace

45. “People are stupid. If I don’t do this, there will be no peace. 

46. Eventually, time will pass and the pain will heal

Each wound we suffer will heal over time. The only thing we need to do is hold on and believe in our abilities. The pain will eventually disappear. All in all, life is a constant, and the pain will go in time.

Eventually, checkmate’s power will weaken and people will begin fighting again. This time, they will use the weapon themselves and once more know true pain. And for the short time, peace will come again. It will give birth to short period of peace within this endless chain of hatred. That’s my wish.” – Pain

47. “Pain is the way to bring peace.” – Pain

The pain is a natural part of our existence. It is inevitable to experience feelings of sadness and even pain. But when the pain disappears, and you start to let go of it and find peace, you will be able to feel calm.

48. “How Can You Say That You’ll Never Change?”- Pain

Pain Naruto Quotes

49. “You think you’re the only ones who matter. You think you can put off death. But that peace made you foolish and thoughtless. If you kill someone, someone else will kill you… this hatred binds us together.” – Pain

50. “There is no such thing as real peace, It’s impossible as long as we live in this accursed world.” – Pain

Pain Naruto Quotes

Atrocities, violence and anarchy, are commonplace across the world. In times like these, peace seems like a distant goal. There will be crime, bloodshed, and war throughout the time humans exist on the planet.

51. Just by living, people hurt others without even realizing it. So long as humanity exists, hate will also exist.“

No matter how many efforts to work towards mutual understanding and peace among people of diverse experiences, it is certain that they’ll conflict with one another in the end. There will always be a consequence of hate and violence should they not consider the pain they could have been causing the people around them.

52. There is no peace in this cursed world. War is just a crime paid for by the pain of the defeated…” – Pain

Pain Naruto Quotes

We make judgments and decisions that can influence the people around us. This means that whether conscious or not, we are always altering our lives and those of other people. The changes we make may not benefit them. In the end, so long as human beings and humankind exist, we’ll inflict harm on others.

Pain Naruto Quotes on Love

53. “Because of the existence of love, sacrifice is born, as well as hate. When one comprehends, one knows pain.” – Pain

Pain Naruto Quotes

54. “Love is the reason why there is pain. 

The love of someone is the cause of pain. To love someone requires courage and determination. However, love is a risky affair—the possibility of harming you at any moment. The most emotional suffering is due to the love you feel.

55. When we lose someone precious to us, hate is born. 

It is a consequence of the death of love. The wound left by a person’s death is quickly filled with hate. We must decide if we are willing to accept the hate or let it thrive and poison us.

56. This will give rise to more pains. In this cursed world we live in, it is a cycle of hatred that will not cease.” – Pain

57. “Love breeds sacrifice… which in turn breeds hatred. Then you can know pain.” – Pain

Pain Naruto Quotes

Many people view friendships and love as assets, whereas some believe that they are an issue and can cause suffering through the loss of envy. Pain, In his way, believes in love since the belief is that everyone ought to know and understand the pain. However, he doesn’t necessarily consider love as a positive aspect.

58. “You think you’re the only ones who matter, You think you can put off death.”

Many people see the love of others and their relationships as positive things, but some think they’re a burden as they cause pain through loss or envy. Pain, In his way, believes in love since the belief is that everyone must know and understand pain. But he’s not necessarily considering a person’s love to be a positive aspect.

Pain Naruto Quotes on Children’s Innocence

59. “Even the most ignorant, innocent child will eventually grow up as they learn what true pain is. It affects what they say, what they think… and they become real people.” – Pain

Pain Naruto Quotes

Every person is subject to suffering. We’d become blind if we didn’t experience experiencing. It shows us how to handle the difficulties of life. The only thing we have to do is look for the meaning behind the pain as we seek to grow, learn and figure out ways to get out of the mess of our lives.

60. “Even innocent foolish children will grow up in the face of pain, until their thoughts and beliefs are the same as their doubts.” – Pain

61. “Even children are forced to grow up in the face of pain.” – Pain

Pain Naruto Quotes

62. “Knowing Pain Controls One’s Words And Thoughts.”

quotes by Pain in Naruto

Even though their fight has already started, Jiraiya is still curious about what happened to Nagato and turned him into the person he is today. The child he knew was gone, and he was determined to discover why he was so cold. Nagato says “nothing” occurred in his life “, just the war.”

Although Nagato lost everything in Nagato’s loss during the Third Great Ninja War, Nagato was still able to have Yahiko and Konan — his newly-found family. Unfortunately, Yahiko was fooled by Danzo and Hanzo into thinking that his death could bring peace. The end of Yahiko made Nagato believe there was no good remaining in this world and that only suffering would bring peace.

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